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The museum was founded in 1926 by the old owner Dietrich von Breitenbuch and was reopened after the second world war in 1956.
In the exhibition of the museum the substantial from nature and history of the landscape area around Ranis is introducded to the visitor. From the slate mountains by carouse-encompass with its salient reef mountains up to the wooded coloured sandstone mountain chain reaches the geological representation. Prehistoric finds supply evidence for long periods of settling. The Ilse cave under the castle ranks among the most important find places of old-stone-age cultures in Central Europe. The history of the castle and its owners are a further topic. Arms, weapons, precious style furniture and other more lead into passed centuries. A gallery announces with factories of artists coming from the region.

Probably uniquely is the seismic cabinet of the museum, developed in co-operation with the nearby large station for earthquake registration in Moxa. Original seismographs of different types and years of construction illustrate the development of the scientific tool-making of this field. Emergence and spreading of earthquakes are described.

With the big tower "Bergfried" as the view tower and the other visitation areas like the castle prison in the hunger tower, the large castle cellars, a castle kitchen and the Ilse cave the visit becomes an experience.

Much fun!